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    Seymour Pony Club General Information

    Seymour Pony Club is a small club that meets on the first Sunday of every month at the club ground it shares with the Seymour Dressage and Showjumping Club (Adult Riders).

    We believe that Pony Club should be fun for all involved and also educational so we pay many of our instructors to teach at our rallies.

    We currently have riders still on the leading rein to grade 1 riders at our club. Our older riders are encouraged to participate with and help our younger less experienced riders and this has proved to be a great success and rewarding for all involved.

    We try to have a camp each year for the December rally to allow our members to relax with each other and their horses and to do some trail riding. This year we are planning our camp for the first weekend of December and it will be held at Halls on Falls in Strath Creek. Our committee is dedicated to the club and we are actively trying to do some major fundraising to improve our facilities.


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